“Storify Gender” Youth Exchange

“Storify Gender” Youth Exchange
24-31 March 2014

The RSC Youth Exchange “Storify Gender” was held in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia from 24-31 March, 2014. This project was aimed at raising awareness of gender and gender-related issues by breaking gender-related stereotypes and changing negative gender roles in stories and fairy tales. It was also intended to introduce the participants to gender concepts, the importance of gender, and for constructing a format for exchanging ideas and reflection on gender equality, gender stereotypes and gender roles, create a platform for sharing best practices and to come up with new innovative solutions, motivate participants to act as multipliers of the exchange outcomes by organizing local events on the same topic, and promote intercultural dialogue and raise positive awareness about each other’s culture, values and traditions.

This training course brought together 36 young people from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria to exchange ideas, share knowledge and skills, discuss and debate about gender and gender roles in the fairy tales and stories.

During the exchange, participants were involved in activities such as creativity sessions, discussions, participant-led workshops, theater games, storytelling, photo-voice, video-shooting, reflection groups, evaluation sessions, etc..

The project was funded in the framework of the European Commission's Youth in Action programme.