“Emigration vs. Immigration” Youth Seminar

Emigration vs. Immigration” Youth Seminar
1-9 May 2014

The Regional Studies Center (RSC) hosted a seven-day youth seminar in Yerevan from 1-9 May 2014, focused on migration issues entitled “Emigration vs. Immigration.” The main aim of the project was to provide an opportunity for participants to become better informed about the larger picture of migration flows throughout Europe.

The objectives of the project included:

  • providing participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical background on migration issues;
  • discussing and debating the opportunities and challenges from migration;
  • discussing and assessing different types of migration, such as international, internal, permanent, seasonal, irregular, forced migration, etc.;
  • understanding the drivers of migration flows and the motivating factors of migrants;
  • analyzing and debating on the legal and other regulations of migration flows;
  • promoting the networking of groups and organizations working on migration issues;
  • motivating participants to act as multipliers and disseminators of the main outcomes of the project.

The seminar utilized non-formal education methods, such as team-building activities, presentations, discussions, group exercises, also meetings with experts and local organizations working on the same core issues. The project brought together 33 participants from different parts of Europe, specifically from Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Hungary, Belgium, Greece, Romania and Italy.

The project was funded in the framework of the European Commission's Youth in Action programme.