“ACT for YOUth” Training Course

“ACT for YOUth” Training Course
3-10 April 2014

The RSC youth training course “ACT for YOUth” was held in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia from 3-10 April, 2014. The project was aimed at promoting the advocacy campaigns and non-violent actions to tackle violations of social rights. The objectives included:

  • raising awareness on social rights;
  • equipping the participants with theoretical knowledge and practical skills on the topic;
  • motivating the participants to act as civic activists and agents of change in their local communities;
  • enhancing networking and cooperation of the organizations throughout Europe who work for the protection of human rights and promotion of active citizenship.

The participants were expected to act as multipliers and organize similar events at their local and national levels, acting as educated and informed citizens and agents of positive changes in their societies.

This training course brought together 30 young people from Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, and Belgium to analyze and discuss issues related to the protection of the social rights. Taking into account the high rates of unemployment among youth throughout Europe, the high rates of payments for the education and healthcare, and the low standards of living in some parts of Europe, the violation of social rights became very apparent and the need for protection very urgent.

The project was funded in the framework of the European Commission's Youth in Action programme.