15 October 2012, Inside Outside with Richard Giragosian

Richard GiragosianInterview with the founding director of the Yerevan-based Regional Studies Center (RSC) Richard Giragosian, who was in Istanbul for a conference at Kadir Has University. The interview is about Turkey-Armenia relations, the role and influence of civil society, how Davutoglu’s “just memory” was perceived in Armenia and among Armenian diaspora, what concrete steps could be taken to prepare again a rapprochement in the process leading to 2015 and what are the possible scenarios for Karabakh. Giragosian has not lost optimism concerning the bilateral relations and this optimism is based on the continuing efforts of both civil societies to prepare the ground for a rapprochement.



RSC Turkey Project

Under the leadership of its founding director, Richard Giragosian, the RSC strives to elevate the level of political discourse and deepen civic activism while broadening engagement in the public policy process.  One of the core longer-term goals of the Regional Studies Center (RSC) is to serve as a catalyst for reform and sustainable development by contributing to the formulation of public policy through innovative and objective strategic research and analysis.