Iranian Intelligence

The attached is a recent unclassified report on Iranian Intelligence that has now been publicly disclosed. The 64-page study, compiled in December 2012 by the US Library of Congress, was conducted on behalf of the Pentagon’s Irregular Warfare Support Program.


According to the report, Iranian intelligence service is operationally active in all areas where Iran has interests, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Central Asia, Africa, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, Turkey, Britain, and the Americas, including the United States. In addition, Iranian activities in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela have raised alarm among U.S. government officials. 

As part of our own think tank’s Iran project, we are also closely monitoring Iranian activities in the region, and we are preparing our own security assessment of the Iranian threat to security and stability in the South Caucasus, with a focus on Iranian efforts in the areas of proliferation, illicit financial activities and terrorism.