Democracy Program


The RSC “Empowering Armenian Civic Engagement” Project

With the generous support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the RSC expanded its Democracy Program by launching the “Empowering Armenian Civic Engagement” project in February 2016.

Project Overview

The one-year RSC “Empowering Armenian Civic Engagement” project consists of five core components:

(1) leveraging innovative research and critical analysis to elevate the level of political discourse and spur more constructive debate of critical issues facing Armenia;

(2) formulating and implementing a communications strategy to define and defend democratic values and ideals;

(3) empowering civic activism through “civic education” and professional training efforts;

(4) emboldening and expanding the democratic political process by constructively engaging in public policy and working with institutions;

(5) cultivating the climate for cultivating an active and committed citizen.

Project Objectives, Activities & Outcomes

There are two main project objectives: (1) to identify the challenges and opportunities facing democratization in Armenia and (2) to promote the formulation of a common policy agenda among Armenian democracy activists. In addition, the RSC project also seeks to more broadly elevate the level of political and policy discourse, promote civic engagement in the public policy process and strengthen institutional democracy.

The project activities include research and analysis, public discussion events, and focus groups, as well as a certificate-based civic education training course. Project outcomes include the publication of a set of policy reports assessing a range of issues, including: Armenia’s constitutional reforms, economic development, and good governance.