“Armenia’s Russia Challenge”



As an independent “think tank” in Armenia, the Regional Studies Center (RSC) regularly published analytical articles dealing with a wide range if issues related to Armenia and the South Caucasus region.

The latest such article was entitled, “Armenia’s Russia Challenge. The limits of Moscow’s security promises now clearly demonstrate that Yerevan must adjust to a dangerous new reality of standing alone.”  The analysis was published on 18 January 2023 by the the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR).

In this analysis, RSC Director Richard Giragosian noted that “in this post-war period of insecurity and uncertainty, one thing is clear: Russia has become consistently unreliable for Armenia.”  He went on to argue that “today’s Russia poses a deadly new challenge not just to its enemies and rivals, but apparently also to its partners.  And since Moscow’s failed invasion of Ukraine, the logic and expectations of Russia’s security obligations to Armenia no longer apply.”

Giragosian stated that “the lesson for Armenia…… now centres on the need for strategic adjustment, if not reorientation……but as the limits of Russian security promises now clearly demonstrates, Armenia must adjust to a dangerous new reality of standing alone.

He concluded by contending that “obviously Yerevan lacks the leverage to directly challenge Russia.  Yet it is endowed with expanded strategic significance, strengthened by a greater degree of stability and resilience, and bolstered by a rare commodity of democratic legitimacy than each of its neighbours.”