GEOpolitics, Issue No. 6, May 2024

GEOpolitics, Issue No. 6, May 2024

As an independent think tank in Armenia, the Regional Studies Center (RSC) provides a consistent set of policy-related analyses and assessments of developments in Armenia, the South Caucasus and the wider region.  The following is our most recent analytical commentary, by RSC Director Richard Giragosian:

“Armenia’s Strategic Reorientation,” GEOpolitics, Issue No. 6, May 2024.

In this article for the Tbilisi-based “GEOpolitics” journal, Giragosian offers an assessment of Armenia’s “pivot to the West,” the challenge of dealing with Russia and the issue of the broader benefits of “connectivity” through the restoration of regional trade and transport links.

This “GEOpolitics” journal is published by the Research Institute Gnomon Wise, based in Tbilisi, Georgia, with Dr. Sergi Kapanadze serving as the Editor.  Kapanadze is a former vice-speaker of the Georgian Parliament (2016-2020) and a Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister (2011-2012).  This contribution is also the latest in our activities in cooperation with partners in the Georgian analytical community and academia.

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