In the latest session of our weekly certificate-based professional training course for students and young professionals, the Regional Studies Center (RSC) “Expert School” met on 8 November for a presentation and discussion of our analytical assessment of national stability and revolutionary unrest, including our work in applying this analytical model to assessing the outlook for stability in Armenia.

RSC Expert School

Are you interested in a challenge? Does learning and developing new skills interest you? Then join us for an interesting and innovative new opportunity:

The Regional Studies Center (RSC) is offering a weekly certificate-based professional training course for students and young professionals. The weekly sessions are held on every Tuesday evening, from 19:00-21:00. 

Known as the “RSC Expert School,” the program seeks to provide a unique educational opportunity in Armenia by offering a series of modern, innovative and interactive workshops, exercises and lectures. 

The next session opens on Tuesday, 1 November, and will run through 20 December, culminating in a certificate award ceremony for completion of the course. 

Following a lengthy external research project for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Hurford Foundation, RSC Analyst Mikayel Zolyan assessed the differing positions on Nagorno-Karabakh of the West and Russia. The publication, entitled, “Preventing Escalation in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Threats to Euro-Atlantic Security and Opportunities for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation,” was a result of a series of interviews with key analysts and officials in Moscow, Berlin, Brussels and Washington. This external research project was also part of Dr. Zolyan’s participation in the Hurford “Next Generation” Fellowship Program, which is administered by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, in support of the EuroAtlantic.


RSC Senor Analyst David Shahnazaryan and RSC Director Richard Giragosian participated in a seminar on Armenia-Turkey “normalization” organized by the Civic Consent NGO on 8 October. Shahnazaryan’s presentation focused on the broader geopolitical context of Armenia-Turkey, while Giragosian’s presentation, entitled “Armenia-Turkey normalization: Looking back, leaning forward,” assessed the key issues of defining the normalization process, defending the process of engagement and devising a strategy for re-engagement between Armenia and Turkey (Giragosian’s presentation notes are attached).


The Regional Studies Center (RSC) held its latest in a series of closed monthly briefings on Wednesday, 28 September. This month's briefing featured presentations by RSC Director Richard Giragosian and Senior Analyst David Shahnazaryan focusing on three main areas: