Focus Groups

RSC FOCUS GROUP: “Reformulating Western Policy toward Russia in the Post-Soviet Space”

On 14 March, the Regional Studies Center (RSC), an independent think tank in Yerevan, convened its latest in a series of special “Focus Groups.” In coordination with a visiting group of graduate students from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington (GW) University, one of the leading graduate schools in international affairs in the United States, this latest Focus Group was focused on a discussion of one main theme: “Reformulating Western Policy toward Russia in the Post-Soviet Space.” The GW group was visiting Armenia as part of their Capstone Research project, which consists of three country-specific case studies: Armenia, Estonia and Ukraine.


On 19 February 2016, The Regional Studies Center (RSC) convened a special “Focus Group” to discuss democratization and political change in Armenia. With two dozen participants, the Focus Group was also joined by representatives from the European Union Delegation to Armenia and the UK Embassy, serving as observers.