RSC Expert School

RSC Expert School

“RSC Expert School”

The Regional Studies Center (RSC) offers a structured, certificate-based series of professional training courses for students, youth and young professionals. The certified training seminars and courses are offered twice a week, based on a four-month academic semester schedule (January-May and September-December), with a special condensed Summer Session also starting in June 2011.


Known as the “RSC Expert School,” the program is part of our broader Education Project, which seeks to contribute to raising educational standards in Armenia by offering affordable, modern and innovative academic training. The “Expert School” initiative also includes a series of interactive training seminars and workshops on various topics of practical interests: Western-style research, writing and analysis; resume/job interview preparation, career development advice & professional communication skills; public speaking and presentation skills, including the use of PowerPoint; and the utilization of social media tools and related technology for civic activism, organizing and advocacy.

Special Summer Session (June-August 2011)

Although the next full semester program will not start until September 2011, we are offering smaller, more informal training sessions this month, running through the summer until August. Participation in each of the two courses of the Special Summer Session costs 10,000 dram, or 20,000 dram for the full two-course program, with the fee covering all course-related expenses.





Weekly: Every Tuesday, 19:00-21:00


COURSE ONE:        14 June - 12 July

14 June                  Introduction
                             “Open University” & “Creative Classroom”
                             Update on Armenian-Turkish diplomacy &
                             Analysis of 12 June Turkish parliamentary election

21 June                  National Security, Intelligence and Military Defense

28 June                  Scenario Modeling & Role-Playing Exercise
                             Karabagh “War Game”

5 July                     Formulation of Foreign Policy

12 July                   Workshop on Public Speaking
                             The Importance of “Body Language”

COURSE TWO:      19 July - 16 August

19 July                  Political Technologies, Public Relations & Campaigns;
                            Political Culture

26 July                  Evolution vs. Revolution
                            Civil disobedience/non-violent change

2 August               Civic Activism & Engagement; Recommendations

9 August               Scenario Modeling & Role-Playing Exercise
                           “Revolutionary Unrest in the Middle East”

16 August             Elements of National Power & Strategic Planning


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History of the “Expert School”

First launched in September 2010, the initial session of the “Expert School” was based on a Fall 2010 semester consisting of three separate courses. The first course focused on education and learning, including the introduction of innovative teaching tools such as the “Creative Classroom” and “Scenario Planning & Role-Play Exercises,” to enhance participation and interaction.

The second course offered constructive lessons on government and political science, covering a range of critical issues from civil engagement and activism to democracy and human rights. The third course will offer a set of electives, allowing participants to select their own topic or topics.

The Spring 2011 semester consisted of three separate courses: an advanced session focusing on government studies and political science; a second course on economics, including issues of corruption, globalization and other related topics; and a third course comprising a set of free electives, covering a wide range of issues such as national security and military issues, and seminars on research, writing, public speaking and presentation skills, among others.


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