The Regional Studies Center (RSC) held a special briefing on 23 January, offering a special assessment of the upcoming Armenian presidential election. The briefing presentation focused on five specific aspects of the Armenian pre-election situation: (1) general pre-election observations; (2) an analysis of the election campaign; (3) an identification of five specific election challenges; (4) implications from the election; and (5) election surprises.


The summary notes from the presentation are attached, and a separate longer pre-election assessment report is also available separately. 

Although this special pre-election briefing was devoted to only one topic, it is part of a broader series of closed monthly briefings, providing an informal “off-the-record” closed discussion of current developments in Armenia and the broader region. As an independent “think tank,” the Regional Studies Center (RSC) offers this series of closed monthly briefings as an important source of objective analysis and information on a regular monthly basis, serving a target audience of representatives of the diplomatic community and international organizations in Armenia.