As an independent “think tank,” the Regional Studies Center (RSC) offers a regular monthly series of online “Closed Briefings” to provide a concise analytical presentation of the most significant political, economic and military/security developments in Armenia and the broader South Caucasus region.  And as the target audience is the diplomatic community and international organizations in Armenia, our aim is to provide an alternative source of objective analysis and information on a regular basis.

For the October 2021 monthly briefing, which was convened on 21 & 22 October, the analytical presentation by RSC Director Richard Giragosian focused on three main areas:

  1. Economic Developments, with an analysis of recent modifications to projections of Armenian economic growth as well as “deep and lingering concerns” over the economy and the onset of a “renewed public health crisis” from COVID-19;

  2. Armenian Political Developments, including the trend of “vendetta politics” or the Armenian government’s temptation to engage in political retribution or revenge, and the outcome and significance of local elections in Armenia;

  3. Post-War Security: The Regional Context, with an assessment of “drivers of post-war instability,” including “escalating confrontation & insecurity,” but closing with an analysis of “Recent Developments: Two Areas of Progress,” focusing on a “return to diplomacy” and a “breakthrough” in the planned restoration of regional trade and transport, with detailed maps.

The attached is the 7-page summary of analytical notes from the monthly briefing, as presented by RSC Director Richard Giragosian.