EaP Think Bridge

EaP Think Bridge

The Regional Studies Center (RSC) is pleased to serve as the Armenia partner in a new, one-year collaborative project entitled, “EaP Think Bridge,” which serves as a platform to uniting expert communities in the countries of the Eastern Partnership region to “fill the gap” in distributing analytical products for stakeholders, including a new bilingual English- and Russian-language monthly publication of analysis and commentary from each of the six Eastern Partnership countries.

As an initiative led by the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” (Ukraine), a network-based non-governmental analytical center in Kiev, this “EaP Think Bridge” project is supported by the Regional Project “Dialogue Eastern Europe” of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES). 

Olga Chyzhova serves as the Editor in Chief of the new publication, which covers monthly developments in the Eastern Partnership region. This second issue, published in both English and Russian, includes a regular series of two-page summary overviews of country-specific news and analysis, focused on three main areas: the domestic political situation, the economy, and developments in foreign policy of each country. Each month’s issue will also featured a special thematic analysis devoted to one of the six EaP countries. 

Led by the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism,” the other partners in this new collaborative project include the Centre for Economic and Social Development in Azerbaijan), the Centre for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies from Belarus, the Liberal Academy Tbilisi in Georgia, and the Foreign Policy Association in Moldova, as well as the Regional Studies Center (RSC) in Armenia.

The second issue of the “EaP Bridge” publication is attached, but also available for download:

English version: http://prismua.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/EaPThinkBridge_2_eng.pdf
Russian version: http://prismua.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/EaPThinkBridge_2_rus.pdf

For more information about the project:

English version: http://prismua.org/en/eap-think-bridge/
Russian version: http://prismua.org/eap-think-bridge/