As an independent think tank, the Regional Studies Center (RSC) conducts a wide range of strategic analysis and objective research, and implements a number of educational and policy-related projects. As a leading think tank based in Armenia, the RSC is actively engaged in supporting the Armenian-Turkish “normalization” process and works closely with other think tanks, research institutes and civil society organizations in both Armenia and Turkey.


As an integral component of our broader Turkey-related activities and research, the RSC is an active member of an Armenian-Turkish consortium of eight civil society organizations within the EU-funded “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process” (ATNP) programme.

For its part, the RSC implements four specific projects within the ATNP programme: (1) media support and collaboration, (2) training & empowering youth, (3) the RSC “Speakers’ Bureau” and (4) exploring “new avenues and alternative venues” for diplomatic and political engagement.

The attached is a detailed overview of our activities within the ATNP programme.