RSC Director Richard Giragosian offered his brief analysis and commentary related to U.S. President Trump’s “Armenian Remembrance Day” statement issued on April 24.  In comments for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s (RFE/RL) Armenian Service, Azatutyun TV (Ազատություն TV), he chose to offer a different and more provocative stand on Trump’s statement and its failure to use the term genocide.  His comments (dubbed into Armenian), more specifically, actually welcomed that failure as a positive development, for three reasons.

“First, given the incompetence and insanity of the Trump Administration, the statement only enhances the significance of the U.S. Congressional recognition of the Armenian genocide, which was stronger and more resolute.

Second, in a more serious note, the weaker Trump statement prompted and triggered a much stronger and more binding statement by the likely Democratic nominee to challenge Trump for president. That statement, by former Vice President Biden, was an even more determined and forceful pledge of support and recognition.

And third, to be candid, I really don’t care about Trump’s statement, and I certainly do not require him to validate history. Personally, I don’t need any U.S. president to reaffirm or recognize what I already know is a historical fact. For presidents, American or otherwise, any attempt to marginalize or minimize the historical accuracy of the Armenian genocide is guilty of their own political cowardice. In that context, the moral failure is a problem for them, not me.

After all, the Armenian genocide was a failure. Armenians not only survived, but are stronger as a nation and as a state. This is also why I am exhausted by the routine and ritual of victimization and suffering. Rather, the emphasis should also be on victory, strength, survival, and resilience. That is an uplifting message of the solemn commemoration of April 24.”