The Regional Studies Center (RSC) is pleased to welcome the latest group of researchers in our “RSC Resident Fellowship” program. Our new team includes four recently-selected Fellows:


As an independent think tank in Yerevan, our “think tank,” the Regional Studies Center (RSC) is committed to deeper engagement in the public policy process, working with key state institutions and ministries in support of reform. And although we remain objective in our critical assessment of a wide range of strategic issues and policy priorities, we seek to only become more active in contributing to the formulation of innovative policy ideas and initiatives.

In this regard, we are pleased to join our colleagues in an effort by the Armenian parliament’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs to form a new “Analytical Council” working group, empowered to provide analysis, proposals and assessment to the parliament over the coming five years. This is especially important to strengthen the institutional capacity of the National Assembly as Armenia moves to fully transform to a parliamentary form of government.ԱԺ-արտաքին/1274637


As the official partner from Armenia, our “think tank,” the Regional Studies Center (RSC), was pleased participate in the 4th South Caucasus Security Forum 2017 in Tbilisi from 19-20 April. This year’s two-day conference, entitled “On the Frontline of Changing Global Dynamics,” is organized by the Strategic Policy Institute STRATPOL of Slovakia and the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS, the Rondeli Foundation). Other partners included the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” in Kyiv, the International Visegrad Fund (IVF), and the Open Ukraine Foundation.

EaP Think Bridge

The Regional Studies Center (RSC) is pleased to serve as the Armenia partner in a new, one-year collaborative project entitled, “EaP Think Bridge,” which serves as a platform to uniting expert communities in the countries of the Eastern Partnership region to “fill the gap” in distributing analytical products for stakeholders, including a new bilingual English- and Russian-language monthly publication of analysis and commentary from each of the six Eastern Partnership countries.

RSC Expert School

Are you interested in a challenge? Does learning and developing new skills interest you? Then join us for an interesting and innovative new opportunity as we prepare for a new session of our weekly certificate-based professional training course for students and young professionals.

Known as the “RSC Expert School,” the program seeks to provide a unique educational opportunity in Armenia by offering a series of modern, innovative and interactive workshops, exercises and lectures.

The next session opens on Tuesday, 7 March, and will culminate in a certificate award ceremony for completion of the course, scheduled for 9 May 2017. The weekly sessions are held on every Tuesday evening, from 19:00-21:00 and will be held in the RSC office, located at 60 Aram Street.