RSC Blog

The RSC BLOG offers a new series of informal publications on various issues of relevance, in both English and Armenian.

Unlike our peer-reviewed publications, RSC Blog entries are shorter, less academic and more opinion-oriented, aimed at offering a “rapid response” analytical assessment of timely events and developments.

RSC BLOG: “Europe: Changes in the Perception of Terrorism”

In the latest RSC BLOG, entitled, “Europe: Changes in the Perception of Terrorism,” Satenik Baghdasaryan assesses the deeper context and significance of the wave of Islamist terrorism targeting Europe.

RSC BLOG: “Emerging Powers in the Armenian Political Arena”

In the latest RSC BLOG, entitled, “Emerging Powers in the Armenian Political Arena,” Satenik Baghdasaryan offers a unique analysis of the changing political landscape in Armenia, noting the emergence of new political parties and assessing their use of more creative and innovative tactics and strategy.


In our latest RSC Blog post, Dr. Haykak Arshamyan assesses the recent political agreement between the Republican Party of Armenia and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). The Armenian-language article entitled, “Political Cooperation or Devastation of the Political Arena?” looks at the reasons, terms and conditions, as well as the consequences of the agreement. The author concludes that this political agreement is the continuation of monopolization of the political field and argues that President Sargsyan used this agreement as a tool to “neutralize” one more party in the parliament.

RSC BLOG: Facebook ethics, Atatürk and the Kurdish movement (Armenian Version)

Dr. Haykak Arshamyan

8 February 2016 

In the latest RSC BLOG, entitled, “Facebook ethics, Atatürk and the Kurdish movement,” Dr. Haykak Arshamyan authored an Armenian-language assessment of the challenges of censorship by the Facebook social network regarding posts that deal with controversial issues in Turkey. Arshamyan exposes the “open collaboration” between Facebook and the Turkish authorities, and reveals a trend whereby Facebook “runs a pro-Turkish policy, thereby violating the freedoms and rights of millions of citizens living in Turkey.” He argues that “we can only conclude that there is…. a violation of free speech rights of Turkish citizens.”

Dr. Mikayel Zolyan

Dr. Mikayel Zolyan

25 January 2016

Timed with the fifth anniversary of the revolution in Egypt, a watershed event in what became known as the “Arab Sping,” RSC Analyst Dr. Mikayel Zolyan assesses the implications for the post-Soviet space.

This is the Armenian version of his original English-language article.