RSC Fellowship

The following are details on our Non-Resident and Resident Fellowships, offered through the Regional Studies Center (RSC), an independent think tank in Yerevan, Armenia.


What is the Regional Studies Center? 

The Regional Studies Center (RSC) is an independent “think tank” conducting a wide range of strategic research and policy analysis, and implementing a number of educational and policy-related projects.  As a leading think tank based in Armenia, the RSC conducts research and analysis and develops policy initiatives aimed at bolstering political and economic reform and conflict resolution in the broader South Caucasus region.  The RSC strives to elevate the level of political discourse and deepen civic activism while broadening engagement in the public policy process.

What is a Non-Resident Fellowship? 

The RSC Non-Resident Fellowship program is a voluntary, non-paid position, which entails a modest and flexible level of activity, mainly through your choice of participating in any of our research topics, projects and activities.  We seek to utilize and leverage the specific and unique professional, academic and personal expertise, accomplishments and interests of each of our Fellows, and rely on their strategic guidance, general support and participation in our research, projects and activities.

In contrast to the Non-Resident Fellowship, we also offer a Resident Fellowship for visiting scholars, young professionals or policy analysts in Armenia.  Similar to a “guest scholar” program, we offer institutional and logistical support for Resident Fellows, providing office space, computer and Internet access, as well as support and guidance for their field research, including an offer to both publish and host public lectures, workshops and seminars, depending on each Fellow’s individual needs.

What are the responsibilities and obligations of the Fellows?

The responsibilities and obligations of our Non-Resident Fellows are minimal and generally limited to research, support and participation in our projects and activities. We require no financial contribution or fee, but we do ask permission from each Fellow to disclose their identity and share details of their work or research.  Overall, it is a voluntary collaboration, with each Fellow deciding how best to utilize this opportunity.


What are the benefits or advantages of becoming a Fellow?

In general, there are three specific advantages to becoming a Fellow.  First, we provide institutional support and extend a formal affiliation with our Armenia-based think tank, providing each fellow with a rather unique addition to their professional experience (thereby helping to make their resume/c.v. stand out even more).  We also provide each Fellow with full, free and regular access to our research and analysis, as well as a standing offer of research and analytical support from our Center staff (including staff assistance for research and translation, based on need).

A second benefit is our capacity to publish and disseminate each Fellow’s work, both within the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) and beyond (Iran, Russia, Turkey, as well as in Europe and the US).  And a third benefit stems from our institutional support and endorsement for securing research funding (and employment), participation and presentations in a number of regional and international conferences, and the opportunity to work with our strategic partners throughout the world, mainly consisting of other think tanks and institutions.


What do I need to do to become a Fellow?

Following the invitation to join as a Non-Resident or Resident Fellow, the applicant only needs to complete and submit the standard application form, and submit an updated resume/c.v. along with any recent publication or writing sample.


What comes next?

As we are currently in the process of formal registration as a “foundation” think tank in Armenia, and we will be disseminating more details and information on our specific projects and activities within the coming weeks. We expect to fully complete the official registration process by April 2012 and we are now preparing to fully update our center’s website ( once we are officially and fully in compliance with the existing legal and administrative framework of the Republic of Armenia.


RSC Fellowship Application Form