Dr. Haykak Arshamyan is a Project Coordinator of the RSC Turkey Project, responsible for the administrative and logistical management of the RSC’s participation in the 18-month EU-financed consortium on Armenian-Turkish Normalization. Arshamyan holds a Ph.D. in history from the YerevanStateUniversity, and since 1994, has served as a Visiting Professor at both the YerevanStateUniversity and the StateEconomicUniversity. He has also participated in a number of professional training courses and developmental seminars, including training courses offered by the Conflict Management Group at the HarvardLawSchool and at the Institute of International Studies of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Arshamyan is a recognized expert on Armenian civil society, media, education and youth issues, with over 15 years of experience working in the fields of education, civil society and the public sector. He also has extensive managerial, program design and budgeting experience, as well as proven skills in analytical research and cross-cultural training. During his professional experience, he has also developed and coordinated volunteer/internship programs with local NGOs, the private sector and government agencies. He experience includes serving as the Acting Director of the Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC), where he implemented and managed their international volunteer program, and has worked for many years in the Armenian Ministries of Education and Science and Foreign Affairs, and has also served on the staff of the Armenian Prime Minister.